Accessing OnCore


Training for OnCore



Help! I don't know where to start!
- First things first: getting trained. Find the next available training session that fits your schedule.


What’s the link to OnCore?


What’s my username and login for OnCore?
If you’re a Washington University employee, it’s your WUSTL key and password. If you’re a BJC employee, your username is your BJC-net username and password (ex. MSL1234 for the username). You will only be able to log in after you have completed training and been granted access by a member of the OnCore Support Team.


How do I gain access to the OnCore application?
- Once you've completed the OnCore training and have completed HIPAA training, you will gain access to the OnCore application. If you've completed both of these and still do not have access, please email the OST and provide your name, work email, and department/team.

I can't remember my login information!
- Both your username and password will be the same as your WUSTL key. The OST does not keep or distribute passwords. Please go to this website to change your WUSTL key username, password, or secret questions.


Which browser will work best when using OnCore?
- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8/9 will all work with OnCore. 


Someone told me that my username and login is my WUSTL key and password. I’ve tried this but can’t in. Why is that?
All users must be trained prior to gaining access into OnCore. There are a variety of training opportunities happening across the medical campus almost daily. For CRA/regulatory training, the training is more detailed than other sessions so please contact the OnCore support team to find alternatives.  Formal training dates and times are also posted on our website http://oncorehelp.wustl.edu/en/Training-Info/Training-Schedule




What if I want a refresher on how to do certain things in OnCore?
- Your OnCore Support Team (OST) is working on producing quick "how-to" videos that will be accessible through the web. If the topic you're looking for isn't listed or mentioned, you can always email or call us (314-747-0347) and we will be sure to address any issues or concerns you may have!

What times will I have the option to contact someone on the OST?
- We will be available to respond to your call and/or email during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm). Please be patient with us as we may also be helping other users but we promise to address your concerns at the earliest convenience.

What's the difference between Onsemble's Learning Portal and WUSTL OnCore Support Team's videos/tutorials?
- Both will provide exceptional learning material for the end-user. However, WUSTL OnCore Support videos will be more tailored to WUSTL users, while Onsemble will provide information from a more general viewpoint. 

 I really need to go through training again. What are my options?
There are training videos located on our support website under “Training Info” (http://oncorehelp.wustl.edu) that can quickly recap an individual part of OnCore, such as creating a new protocol and enrolling a new patient on a study. If you’d like to attend an additional in-person training, feel free to sign up to one of our upcoming CRA/regulatory sessions coming in a few weeks! Info on this is also on our website under “Training info” (http://oncorehelp.wustl.edu/en/Training-Info/Training-Schedule).