Super User Training

Event: OnCore Super User Training for Washington University in St. Louis - April, 2015

Location: Washington University in St. Louis


  • To increase the understanding of OnCore in an Enterprise environment
  • Introduce modified WUSTL workflows
  • Understand the process for setting up OnCore

Materials:  Super User Training Manual.pdf

Attendees: Dave Mulvihill, Kristi Williams, Nick Fisher, Lindsey Brunt, Chloe Fournier, Tracey Guthrie, Sally Anderson, Amanda DeMoss, Amelia Ley, Stephanie Myles, Lindsey Reichle, Christine Frederiksen, Kristin Geile, Annette Irving, Helen Kaemmerer, Alex Klim, Lisa Murray, Sally Jones, Jennifer Frye, Robin Haverman, Jennifer Tappenden, Sonya Izadi, Caroline Bumb, Jenn Dill, Melissa Haley, Jessica Ley, Ryan Monahan, Donna Seckfort, Casey Rowe, Lynne Lippmann, Lakesha Bowden, 

Survey:  Super user training attendees were asked to complete a survey (Super User Training Survey.docx) to evaluate the application as it relates to how they would be using it.  The summary of 27 responses is posted below.

survey 1

survey 2

survey 3

survey 4

Meeting Notes

Question:  How should training for larger groups be handled?  

Answer:  Targeted user sessions broken down by users role in OnCore (e.g. CRA, finanacial, review ...etc).  Need a computer lab so users can follow along.  Possibly use a split screen room in FLTC to have one displaying the training manual and one displaying the OnCore application.

Question:  What materials should be distributed to aid in training?  Distributing the same manuals used for super user training is cost prohibitive. 

Answer: Keep the manuals short or only print very ciritical sections and reference online documentation.  Quick tip sheets would be good to have available.

Question:  What is the max number of attendees per training session.

Answer: ~ 40.

General Notes Taken 

Will Super Users have different access, beyond their role? Or are they "super" within whatever role they have? - No, there will not be a "Super User" role in OnCore.

Do not use the "back" button or have multiple instances of OC open at once.

It seems we can bulk add staff/ replace staff or a PI on many studies (one for one)

When calendaring:

     Lab – you specify the items that need to be included

     Procedures – can include items, can edit

     Panel – items are set

It was asked if we can share the instruction manual via PDF before Go-Live training.  Some people like paper to follow along with and find the instructions helpful to write notes on.

It was asked about the inflation multiplier (p.5 of Charge Master), does it increase over each year? Andrew checked Learning Portal

Might be a good idea for us to send a survey to each group (Gyn, Peds, Surg, CTO, Med Onc, Radiology, P&C) to see who does what, so we can plan for training sessions/ how many people need each one.

Group considered the "additional subject identifier" for alternative (maiden) name

There is a proxy view for planned absences, especially long term ones. Can plan ahead and proxy someone to cover you.

Teams (Gyn and Peds) seemed concerned that their whole team needed to all be assigned to all of their team protocols, so they could always "view" the calendar (for coverage purposes).

Asked to brainstorm how to ID registering and treating site (AD may have possible solution to this)

OC works best in Chrome and Firefox, IE not so much