OnCore Overview

new circle2OnCore is a comprehensive and unique application for managing clinical research. OnCore was originally developed in Madison, Wisconsin. Washington University in St. Louis joins 41 other cancer centers, 22 academic medical centers, and 8 health care systems and hospitals across the country. 

OnCore is more than just a system; it is a collaborative entity that will advance clinical trial operations at Washington University in St. Louis for years to come. It has a user-friendly interface designed to manage complex workflows and manual data entry. OnCore's main purpose is to aid research coordinators and administrators in managing their day-to-day duties related to clinical trials. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up and managing all protocols and subjects in one place
  • Support billing compliance
  • Organized data management and monitoring
  • Running reports to identify more efficient processes
  • Improve patient recruitment, tracking outcomes, and more


OnCore at Siteman Cancer Center 

Up until 2015, trial tracking had been heavily reliant on multiple workflows, such as the Siteman Database (SCC), Excel files, paper notes, and other systems. The vision of OnCore hopes to maintain all of these work processes in one centralized place in order to increase efficiency, reduce stress, and better adapt to the ever-changing world of research.