Legacy Data Mapping

Event: Mapping of legat data to the OnCore CTMS
Wash U Goals: Map existing SCCDB data to OnCore. Provide translations to new controlled vocabularies where needed. Maintain business logic integrity. Verify data.
Actions Performed by: Diane Clemens, Dave Coe, Christian Oncken, Alesya Bernatskaya, Nick Fisher, Dave Mulvihill, and many others.

Step 1) Existing data in the Siteman Cancer Center Database (SCCDB) is evaluated and determined if feasible for migration.

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Step 2) Data is mapped from SCCDB to OnCore via a MS Excel intermediate step where business rules can be applied to translate data into the OnCore controlled vocabulary or other standards. 

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Step 3) Data is extracted from SCCDB and loaded into the OnCore database. The application is functionally tested and data is verified.

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